Benefits of LED lighting in warehouses

At Goodwork we spent years studying how to create spaces that give greater comfort and efficiency to people when they perform tasks that involve a significant visual requirement. Industrial LED lighting, must be designed to create an adequate response to the different needs of each user area and atmosphere. Inadequate conditions for vision, can cause discomfort and illnesses such as fatigue, headache, accidents, anxiety, awkward body positions and reduction in productivity. In Goodwork, always we try to go a step ahead as far as research and innovation in visual ergonomic, and thus able to offer the best solutions tailored to your needs and those of your team and your company.

When performing a LED lighting design, we must take into account aesthetics and visual appeal, but above all, and putting more emphasis if possible, in work areas, lighting should be functional. It must be energy efficient and enhance the productivity of the team, to give the best of themselves and not suffer disorders or disturbances. This LED lighting should be reliable and have as a priority the improvement of working conditions and performance, reducing the risk of accidents. Goodwork LED lamps meet the highest requirements for work areas function optimally. To lighting buildings, warehouses, production lines and logistics in general industrial environments, Goodwork has highly efficient and adaptable to high ceilings LED lamps. LED technology get a great use of energy and are easy to maintain thanks to its easy installation and long service life. In addition, this type of space, in which you work 24 hours a day, it is very important to get a good optimization of lighting. Goodwork LED lamps allow you to add intelligent control systems light, which allows you to manage individual control of various areas, optimizing and taking the maximum potential. The smart control systems allow the use of light each scene. Goodwork regulatory controls have multikevin (which change of color temperature), intensity, presence and movement.

Our models of LED lamps adapted to industrial solutions such as GW Industrial Light and GW Fluornet and projectors GW Industrial Flood Light, are efficient and green lights (environmentally friendly, not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere). All of them combine a high light output and consumption unbeatable savings (savings of up to 70% -80% compared with conventional lighting, allowing a return on investment within a few months). Materials and optical ultilizadas in this type of LED lamps are designed especially for the absolute use of luminous flux. They are products that work at full capacity in extreme humidity, temperatures from -35 ° C to 60 ° C, or large amounts of dust and dirt.

Do not hesitate and move to LED with Goodwork.