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Research, Development and Innovation are International’s three commitments to Goodwork the future. Our engineers are always in search of the most appropriate solution for our customers; needs and in contact with the most important research centres and manufacturers of electronic components in the lighting sector.

Goodwork International has at its headquarters in Valencia (Spain), a production line for special projects available to all its customers and collaborators, in order to move quickly from the design table to the production of an exclusive high quality product and finally to have it available in the shortest possible time.

Let our knowledge and R&D staff benefit your company.

Always trust Goodwork International.


Patents and unique designs have been developed in state-of- the-art LED technology generation, achieving excellent results in efficiency lm/W.

The Street Plate is an aluminium plate with SMD LED patented by Goodwork, that reaches the highest standars and quality certifications with a luminous efficiency of 155lm/w.

Its consumption, with only 40w, reaches the same directional output as a lighting system conventional 150W sodium vapour steam. It is also an environmentally friendly product as it does not contain mercury or other harmful agents.

The Street Plate replaces quickly and easily, the existing traditional light achieving a better light distribution homogeneous and sustainable lighting (with savings of up to 80%).

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Thanks to our graphic engineering department, we can carry out the lighting engineering study using Dialux software.

Starting from a vector plane, it is possible to obtain fixed images in 3D as videos of the place to be illuminated, thus being able to simulate with very high precision the illumination that will be obtained when using the products commercialized by our company in your project. The photometric reports of public street, realized with a mobile unit that captures in record time the data necessary for the complete study of photometry.


  • High-precision GPS navigator
  • Spectrometer
  • Stereographic camera
  • Luxmeters
  • Data storage system

Consult with our graphic engineering department the cost of your lighting studio, whose full amount will be refunded on the invoice if the installation is carried out using Goodwork Int LED products.

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Until now, workplaces have been designed in a standardized way, now there are possibilities of solutions customized and adapted to each workplace and each specific task. Different types of lighting for different environments, and a control over their use to optimize energy resources.

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Goodwork has experience organizing Seminars or specialized meetings of a technical or academic nature, in which an in-depth study on LED Lighting is developed.
The seminars can be organized in individual companies that request it (the contents would be adapted to the needs of each company) or in a public and general way.
The last seminar we organised in March 2019 at the Valencia Chamber of Commerce was aimed at designers, architects and interior designers. Its objectives were to provide knowledge and tools for the design, selection and use of lighting products with LED technology.
Goodwork has also participated in different events related to Energy and Lighting, through the presentations of our technicians, who have transmitted experience and knowledge in the field of LED Lighting.For more information about upcoming courses or about personalized courses, please contact:Daniela Marinovainfo@goodworkint.com

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