Projects: Mercat de la Reina

Located in one of the liveliest, most visited and most photographed places in the city, is the new Group La Reina’s establishment, a Valencian company that just opened the doors its new restaurant, located at Plaza de la Reina 19. A gastronomic oasis that combines quality and tradition of the Valencian cuisine with a modern touch. Fresh, natural and seasonal products brought from the market directly to your table.

The restaurant retains the essence of the original Taberna de La Reina, with an open-kitchen, but this time specializes in tasty dishes cooked on the grill. In charge of the kitchen is the Valencian chef, Juan Casamayor, winner of the best sandwich in “Madrid Fusion 2014” and the owner of the company Cooking Business. Casamayor will be accompanied by Alejandro Rosell, who has been part of the kitchen staff from some of the best restaurants in Valencia. Every Thursday there is an after-work appointment. This is a known proposal that the Group La Reina held since 2011 in several of its premises, but this time it is released under the name “Laperitiu”. A meeting to have a good time with friends and co-workers and enjoy the best appetizers.

At Good Work we give the same passion when making our lighting designs as Mercat de la Reina in their dishes, and that’s why they once again entrusted us to illuminate their new establishment keeping the identity of the place. We are aware that the customer experience in a restaurant is based on three main objectives: service, food and atmosphere; and this last point, in which we take care to create a comfortable atmosphere, contributing to the customer experience is unforgettable. The lighting was adjusted to the architecture and aesthetics of the restaurant, respecting the interior design and mimicking the luminaires with the environment. This time we used the products GW Eco Slim Downlight 8W and 18W, and GW Ecolamp 5W to create a 3000ºK color consistency, reproducing natural light. It is a diffuse and homogeneous light, with the correct intensity. A light without excessive glare and shadows. We have achieved the ideal lighting to appreciate the textures of the food and to communicate with others in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with visual comfort.

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Projects: Aachen Clinic

Recently we attended the opening of the new location of Aachen Clinic, specializing in counseling and care of your pet, that provides veterinary services, grooming for dogs and cats, offering food and accessories company; directed by veterinary Amparo García Tamarit.

Aachen Clinic is located in the same street, Tres Forques 49. The stablishment is 258,00 m2 and has: recepcion, waiting room and shop, five consultations, ultrasound room, x-ray room, laboratory-preoperative room, operating room, hospitalization, hairdresser, meeting room, public and private toilet and two warehouses. The project was designed and directed by the architects, Jose Manuel Díez Rotea and Marta Prieto Rotea, the industrial engineer, Javier Zubiri Bosch and the rigger, Isidro Fernández Gondar.

Aachen entrusted us to illuminate their new space, choosing our products with the idea of ​​creating a uniform, defined and comfortable light, avoiding unwanted shadows and contrasts with a natural color temperature. At Good Work know that good lighting is essential when you are working, so our LED lights do not emit ultraviolet or infrared light, which makes it the healthiest way for human and animals vision.

For this project we used the GW Eco Downlight 24W and GW LED Panel with GW Tubes T8, which provided us with a homogeneous lighting with low heat and energy-saving of 50%. Also we used the  GW Power Ecospot 7W and highlighted certain areas. The design was adapted to customer needs and personalized finishes and trims in nickel, harmonizing the style of the clinic.

The result, a modern, elegant and pleasant environment and a beneficial light for health workers, customers and patients.

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