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How to save energy in a commercial premises thanks to LED lighting

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The commercial premises not only require a large energy consumption but also need it for long hours; it is not the same as a house, which generally can make the bulk of consumption during certain hours. In this sense, it is very necessary in commercial premises to try to make an efficient consumption of energy, as it is very easy to make an extra expense due to the amount of resources that require electricity. One of the best ways to reduce this expenditure is by means of LED lights; however, they are useless if an adequate electricity tariff is not contracted.

Which electricity rate to choose?

Naturgy is one of the marketers that offers electricity tariffs for companies, which adapt perfectly to the consumption of your home. Many of Naturgy’s tariffs are hourly discriminatory; that is, they have cheaper consumption during promoted hours, which is ideal if Naturgy’s tariffs allow you to pay less for electricity. You can get more information about all of them at the following link:

In any case, remember that if you want to contract a tariff for the electricity you have just moved to, you will first have to change the owner of the electricity and, where appropriate, change the owner of the natural gas. The process of changing the owner of the light allows you to change the name of the supply and, once this has been done, you can modify the tariff in the event that the tariff contracted by the previous tenant does not meet your needs. Of course, both procedures can be requested in a single request. Once you have made the change of holder effective, you will be able to enjoy electricity consumption with complete peace of mind.

How do LED lights help me?

LED lights are energy-saving bulbs. What does that mean? They need less energy to produce light than a traditional bulb, which translates into lower electricity consumption and, therefore, a reduction in the electricity bill. Specifically, an LED bulb allows savings of up to 90% in the bill for the consumption of your bulbs compared to other modalities.

In this sense, it is positioned as the best option for saving electricity in your business. But this is not the only advantage of LEDs, here are other features that are equally important:

1. They do not produce heat, which in a brightly lit environment is to be welcomed.
2. Power can be regulated, perfect for combining sunlight.
3. LED lights can be any color you want.
4. Although they are somewhat more expensive than traditional light bulbs, it is compensated with a longer durability without forgetting that the consumption is much more reduced.
5. There are many types of LED bulbs: for ceiling lamps, decorative lamps, etc.

Without a doubt, LED lights are an unbeatable option if we want to save on electricity consumption. If you need more information, we recommend an article on the subject that you can read here.

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