Restaurant La Liga Lounge, Doha, Qatar

In Doha, Qatar, the first La Liga Lounge in the world was inaugurated, a leisure venue to enjoy food and football in an unbeatable environment.
Goodwork was responsible for the LED lighting in a project developed and executed by Blueprint and its team of professionals. The objective was to achieve homogeneous illumination and dimmable in all spaces, controlling the Intensity of light needed depending on the event.
As in all projects in which Goodwork participates, first the data of lighting project are collected and the objectives marked by the client are taken into account, all the necessary Dialux and photometric calculations studies are made, and the appropriate product is proposed to achieve it.

In this lighting project two models of Downlight, SENNA and ECO SPA with IP65 were used, ideal for wet areas. Two models of Projectors a rail , our 20W POWER A and POWER J with 20W fins. And above all the effects achieved with three models of the wide range of LED strips available, FLEX STRIP, SUPER BRIGHT and ULTRA.  The needs were as diverse as illuminating the VIP lounge, or illuminating the football field. In all cases a homogeneous illumination was looked for, without excessive brightness or reflections that could bother the clients.

Getting the right Atmosphere is the challenge of any lighting project and is much easier to achieve if done in harmony with the Interior Designers of the spaces to be illuminated. Goodwork’s flexibility in its relationship with its customers and its ability to adapt to all types of LED lighting projects, has made it possible for us to carry out projects all over the world.

Spanish culture in Doha

La Liga Lounge has managed to bring to Doha, Qatar, the culture and food of Spain. In its menu you can find the most typical foods from every corner of the country by the hand of a renowned chef: Juan Ramón Sobero , a cook with more than 14 years experience, who has passed through prestigious restaurants such as ‘Alejandro del Toro’, among others.

Our company, leader in the LED lighting sector, has many years of experience and has carried out LED lighting projects all over the world.

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