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PORT OF DÉNIA. Lighting of the Seafront Promenade

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Dénia Seafront Promenade – Alicante

In the summer of 2020, despite the difficulties, a small extension of Dénia’s Paseo Marítimo was inaugurated by the company Varadero Port Dénia, which trusted Goodwork to renew the existing lighting and install new lights in this area of the port.

This project was carried out with our GW Vialia Street Light 35W, in white and with an anti-salt treatment necessary in a marine environment like this. The renovation of existing luminaires was also carried out with our 60W GW Flex LED Retrofit.

detalles VIALIA

In both cases this is a high quality and energy efficient LED technology, as well as offering a long life span due to its low heating rate. The special anti-salt treatment also contributes to its durability and conservation.

By not emitting harmful agents into the atmosphere and having light pollution controlled, it is very respectful of the environment, very important aspects for both Varadero Port Dénia and Goodwork.

The final result is lighting which enriches the visibility of the surroundings, reduces energy consumption and improves the safety and comfort of the users. This allows for the enjoyment of walks and sports by the sea even at night, in the unique environment of Dénia Port.


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