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Tribute in the form of lighting: Wanda Metropolitan Stadium

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Last September 6th, Atlético de Madrid opened for the first time the doors of its new home, the Wanda Metropolitano stadium. This event has placed the Madrid club at the forefront in terms of sports facilities, not only for its design and capacity, but also for being the first stadium in the world illuminated entirely with LED lighting .
The club has carried out an ambitious lighting project both inside all its rooms and on the front façade, suspended roof, car parks and accesses, with the aim of using illumination as the new hallmark of the stadium.
A system of 336 projectors has been developed for the turf, located at a height of more than 40 metres, oriented and calibrated in such a way that they do not affect the players’ field of vision and offer the spectators a clear vision of what is happening on the pitch. This system integrates with audiovisual systems and generates advanced lighting effects that provide flicker-free performance, allowing slow motion repetitions of what is happening on the pitch.

Highlights of the lighting project

But undoubtedly, the highlight of this lighting project is in the facade and suspended roof of the stadium. On the façade, 360 state-of-the-art spotlights have been installed, with their own intensity regulator and 1,400 watts of power, through which it is possible to change the appearance of the façade. This system will be integrated with the one installed on the roof, based on a dynamic lighting system capable of projecting more than 16 million colours. These two systems make it possible to create luminous shows capable of reproducing the colours of the local team or to set the mood of the stadium when it hosts events other than football matches.
In addition, an LED curtain 24 metres wide and 6 metres high has been installed on the exterior façade of the stadium, in which all kinds of images and messages for fans can be projected and which accompanies the system installed outside in the creation of a lighting show within the reach of few stadiums in the world.
But the implications of this project are not merely visual. The use of LED technology has reduced the energy consumption of the stadium by 60% compared to the consumption that would have occurred if another type of lighting had been installed.
In this way, Wanda Metropolitano has become one of the most energy-efficient sports stadiums in the world, and is therefore also a benchmark in this respect.

In short, this lighting project is a commitment to LED technology with a quality that turns the matches of the Madrid team into a real show for fans.

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