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Loriguilla: gaining on quality of life with the change to LED lighting

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At Goodwork, what matters most to us is the people and therefore we are experts lighting your day. When natural light disappears at dusk, street lighting is essential to our well-being and comfort and it is the first “crush” when you arrive in a city at night. It can be quite a disappointment to arrive at night to a place that you hoped to be charming and that suddenly the light of the street is scarce and unpleasant. Make the difference between falling in love with a place or not.

At Goodwork we do not stop at creating a generation of light that improves the human experience. Not only the relationship of the human with other human, but also with their environment. We know that LED lighting is the best option to replace conventional lighting, both due to the fact that energy consumption is reduced by 80%, freeing this large economic burden from municipalities; But also by the advantages of LED lighting.

LED technology is considered the most effective and in these more than 20 years of experience that we have as manufacturers of LED lighting, we know how light affects our biological rhythms and also, those of plants and animals.

Many customers have relied on us to renew the lighting of the public streets of their cities. On this occasion, we want to present the street lighting project of the City Council of Loriguilla.

Loriguilla is a municipality of the Valencian Community, in the region of the Field of Turia, that relied on Goodwork for the implementation of the change of conventional street lighting by LED technology. Our goal was to comply with the Energy Efficiency Plan and ensure that the locality saved on the electric bill, recover the investment made in a short time and directed towards economic and ecological sustainability.

The product used to replace the previous lighting by high quality LED technology was: GW LED Street Plate. An LED plate that stands out for its high efficiency and savings. In addition, thanks to its low heating rate, the service life of LEDs is considerably longer (up to more than 50.000 hours). Existing lampposts were maintained and traditional 100-watt and 150-watt bulbs of sodium vapor were replaced by 388 LED bulbs, 30, 45 and 55 watts, throughout the city center. With this change of lighting, not only were thousands of euros saved, but also 28 tonnes of CO2 annually were released into the atmosphere.

All Goodwork products are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly by not emitting harmful agents into the atmosphere. This is even more important if you are lighting residential areas such as parks, etc. Areas where children and old people, are especially alive, especially to be cared for. This happened precisely in the case of Loriguilla, which illuminated Plaza España, a square that is at the exit of a school, and also all around the City Council and the Church of San Juan Bautista.

Do not hesitate and move to LED with Goodwork.

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