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LA PORTA DE LA MAR Valencia illuminates its monuments

porta de la mar
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Valencia once again illuminates its monuments, some of which have been extinguished for several years. It does so by renewing the existing lighting with much more efficient LED Lighting, where the reduction in electricity consumption allows the monuments to be kept on for more days and for longer.

Goodwork participates in the lighting of several, “La Porta de la Mar” is one of them. In this project “Super Slim RGBW” projectors have been installed for a bathing of the monument from the ground, and “Light Bar Plus RGBW” projectors in the part of the cornice. Flex Strip RGBW has been used in the light reinforcement of some architectural parts.iluminacion Portal de la Mar

The product chosen, together with the installed Telemanagement System, more than meets the project’s objective, which was to achieve dynamic and versatile lighting throughout the year. The aim was to emphasise certain events or commemorative dates by changing the colour.

The light to enhance the architecture and the color to transmit a message…

This renovation to LED technology means a great economic saving and a recovery of the protagonism of the monuments of the city.

porta de la mar

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