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What is an electrical audit?

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The audit of the electric bill should be a common practice in every company and city council, which not only wants to reduce energy consumption, but also to ensure the safety of its systems, facilities and, above all, people. It is necessary to identify the electrical reliability and make a comprehensive evaluation of the current energy system to know in detail the situation in which the institution is located. This information is very valuable to be used as a measurement tool when making changes and improvements in existing technology in order to reduce electricity consumption. At Goodwork we tell you what an electrical audit is, with what objectives we make them and what their advantages are.


An electrical audit is a critical and systematic examination that omits a competent study of the present energy system. At Goodwork when we are going to carry out street lighting projects, we carry out measurements and diagnostics prior to the design and installation of lighting to detect the weak points to reduce the electric bill of customers in both residential and industrial sectors. As lighting manufacturer, we are at the forefront in the optical and light sector designing projects ranging from consulting, to electrical audit and lighting study, design, installation and maintenance. When conducting an electrical audit there are a number of basic objectives:

• Check that the current legislation is complied with.

• Identify those points that do not conform to existing regulations and regulations.

• Establish a planning of necessary improvements to be made to achieve an optimum electrical maintenance system in terms of safety, reliability, etc.

• Identify possible risks.

Electrical audits help companies and municipalities optimize their systems and resources. In order to promote operational excellence, it is necessary to go beyond simple conventional auditing. You should not settle for switching traditional lighting to low-energy bulbs, you should work on finding customized solutions. It is at this point, where Goodwork, as experts in the optical light sector and energy efficiency, can help you by defining the problems that are affecting the safety and maintenance programs by developing highly efficient solutions. The electrical audit allows:

• Improve the safety of people and equipment and / or facilities.

• Detect risks, reduce incidents and resolve inadequate procedures.

• Reduce operational costs. – Improve productivity.


At Goodwork we have been designing LED street lighting projects for years. In order to design the lighting of public lighting, it is necessary to comply with very strict and specific regulations: specific lighting levels according to the type of road, levels of light pollution, etc. Which are often overlooked for failing to do an optimal lighting study previously.  By means of street lighting we can make the city not only have economic and ecological benefits (our LED lamps reduce consumption by 80% and do not pollute), but also for the health of plants, animals and people.  Through the latest technology and innovation and together with a team of professionals who advise and accompany each stage of the process, being aware of the vital importance of lighting on people’s lives, we managed to find the ideal solution for each need.

At Goodwork we use photometric measurement systems in situ and follow a very meticulous performance methodology. What does this mean? That in order to manage and analyze the data of an energy audit we have developed a mobile unit that, circulating in the municipality like any other vehicle, captures all the necessary information to carry out a complete study and in record time.  The data collected by the mobile unit are processed by specialized personnel using its own software that allows to elaborate:

1- A luminous map of the municipality, with point value of luminance and GPS position
2- A map with the mean values ​​of: 

• Luminance 

• Minimal illumination 

• Maximum illumination 

• Medium uniformity

3- A map with different types of lighting (HPS, HQI, Halogen …)

4- A map of evaluation of the tracks according to the type of lighting.

5- An inventory of the points of light: 

• GPS position 

• Height of the luminaire 

• Type of lighting

6- Inventory 100%: parks, gardens, pedestrian zones, stairs …

7- Exportable data in SHP (GIS), Excel and KML

Now that you know the importance of having a correct electrical audit for the success and achievement of your project, do not hesitate and move to LED with Goodwork.

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