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Will it rain today or not? LED tell you

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When at Goodwork we tell you that LED technology can do much more for you than you imagine, believe that it is true. Today you can find it in many facets of your life, facilitating the routine without hardly noticing its presence, but its benefits.

LED traffic lights, zebra steps that illuminate with LED to let you know when to cross, face treatments with LED masks, clothes with fabrics converted into LED screens, etc. Even so, we never cease to amaze and continue to appear new products and applications of LED lighting systems, which improve our quality of life and our way of interacting with others and the environment. Because LED technology is a world of research and innovation yet to be exploited and with infinite possibilities.

The latest invention that has caught our attention and that we want to talk about, is the smart umbrella. An umbrella that by means of an LED light warns you of the weather that will do. Surprised? Well we assure you that this is not science fiction, it is a reality carried out by the Korean startup Opus One, which has developed Jonas, the first smart umbrella that connected to your Smartphone as an App plus offers a weather forecasting service.

It works with four batteries, you can find it in different colors to choose and thanks to the vibration and the change in the color of the LED that blinks at the top you will know if it is going to rain or not. If the light is red, it will rain, if the light is green, calm, you can leave Jonas at home, because you will enjoy a sunny day.

But that’s not all, Jonas also has other clever options. How to warn you through a message to your phone if you forget, because the umbrella perceives that you are moving more than ten meters; Or vibrate in the event that it is the mobile that you are forgetting somewhere. But in addition, for the most clueless or those who go with a thousand things in the head, has a system that through sound and vibration, will make you detect the phone but remember where you left. How many times has it happened to be alone at home and not being able to call your own cell phone and be looking for it for a long time because you do not know where you put it? Well with this smart umbrella, this would not happen to you anymore.

For now we will have to wait to meet Jonas, since it is only being marketed in the United States, China and Japan, but to prepare the journalist of the weather predictions of the TV because Jonas may be the new “weather man.”

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