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Projects: Gabbana Beach restaurant

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Gabbana Beach restaurant is located on the ground floor of the first themed hotel on Las Arenas beach in Valencia. A hotel that has just celebrated its tenth anniversary and in which each of its rooms is decorated in a different way, creating exclusive and personalised atmospheres. At the time, it was a very motivating challenge for us to illuminate according to each of the existing themes and now it has become an honor for us to illuminate the entire leisure and restaurant area of Gabbana Beach.

Gabbana Beach restaurant is more than a restaurant facing the sea. In addition to its spectacular location, a modern and sophisticated environment and its amazing parties, is one of the restaurants of reference in our city. Its gastronomy is based on fresh market products, both international and traditional dishes of the region, and of course, are experts in exquisite seafood. Also, in the Sunset Gabbana (the hotel pub next to the restaurant) can boast of making the best cocktails in Valencia. This was the first product in which they specialised from the beginning using fresh fruits of the day and in which they never cease to innovate and surprise us.

Good Work contributed to giving this space that special touch that makes all your senses wake up when you set foot there. The project was very ambitious and required great creativity when designing the lighting. You had to draw with the light. The lights, the colours, the textures, the lines… every detail is taken care of with care so that you fall in love with the place. Certain areas were highlighted with more punctual lighting and a fainter and more intimate light was maintained in others. For this we used a variety of products such as LED strips GW Flex Strip Power RGB, GW Ecospot lamps, GW Power Bar and several models of outdoor lighting in RGB for facades.

The result, an enveloping atmosphere in which the customer feels relaxed and captivated by the charm of the place. An extraordinary lighting that illuminates unique moments.

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