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At Goodwork, a leading company in the field of LED lighting and light optical fiber, we have been LED manufacturers since 1994, the year in which the company was founded in Argentina and later moved to Spain in 2002.
Since then, we have worked decisively without losing sight of our most important challenge: to satisfy your needs, always offering you the best solution. At Goodwork, we put the same passion into realizing our lighting projects as our clients put into their business ideas.
We have been providing lighting to businesses for many years and there are many brands that have placed their trust in us throughout this time to carry out their lighting projects.


Every day we combine the latest advances in technology and innovation with a team of professionals who advise you concerning the importance of light in our lives.
A team of professionals who will give you exclusive and personalized attention and will accompany you in advising, planning and executing each lighting project with a dynamic and resolute approach, in order to find the right solution for every need.

Our graphic engineering department, using the necessary technical equipment and specific software tools, performs Dialux studies and lighting designs on AutoCad files.

We also have a mobile unit (which circulates around the city like any other vehicle), which captures in record time all the data necessary for the complete study of photometry prior to a lighting project.

The mobile unit is completed with:

  • High-precision GPS navigation
  • Spectrometer
  • Stereographic camera
  • Luxmeters
  • Data storage system

Another of our outstanding services is Goodwork Lighting Academy, the training and the technical assistance that we offer to the workers so that they feel highly qualified in the realization of any lighting project. Through our department we will provide you with the necessary knowledge to carry out effective lighting designs.


Your visual comfort is the most important thing for us. Thanks to our continuous research work together with engineers, architects and designers, we have developed lamps that meet the highest quality standards. We have patents (such as GW Street Plate) and unique state-of-art designs in LED.

We manufacture LED lighting that reach more than the average efficiency than any other lamp that can be found on the market. All our products, besides being aesthetic and functional, are ecological and reduce consumption by 80%. Reducing energy consumption is not just saving money, it is promoting economic, political and environmental sustainability.


We have optimized production and consumption processes to provide you with the most competitive solutions and to create efficient and cost-effective lighting projects. We produce more, with less. Because it is not a question of illuminating less, but of enlightening better.
In addition, we have a firm commitment to the environment. This, together with investment in innovation and technology, are the fundamental pillars of Goodwork’s policy and philosophy. Our goal is to maximize efficiency and savings.


As LED manufacturers we have specialized in retail, industrial, public and corporate lighting. We have been official distributors of the Carrefour Group since 2008 with our indoor lamps GW Eco Moonlight and GW Cylinder.

We also specialize in lighting projects on public roads. Numerous city councils have endorsed us and have counted on us to carry out the traditional LED lighting in order to reduce consumption, increase well-being and be closer to a truly smart city.

We have realized custom made lighting projects in municipalities such as Mejorada del Campo in Madrid; Cambrils, in Catalonia; Morella, in Castellon; Loriguilla, Llíria, Bétera and Paiporta in Valencia. These are projects in which our wide range of lampposts such as GW Vialia, GW Villa, GW Konikal, GW Lira, GW Cube, etc. Have been used. Luminaires you can find in our range of street lighting.

In all of these towns they already enjoy an illumination that satisfies the needs of security and comfort, both for pedestrians and drivers. In the case of the city of Morella (in Castellón), obtained the award of“The most beautiful town of Spain”, after being illuminated by Goodwork.

In addition to LED manufacturers, we are passionate about architecture and it is our pleasure to highlight the innate beauty of the place. We paint with light creating enveloping and fascinating environments. A sample of this are the lighting projects of the Montblanc wall with the GW Light Bar, or the Town Hall Square Valencia, with the GW Power Whaser, an example of our outdoor lamps.

We firmly believe that LED technology is not only the future, it is the present. Do not hesitate and move to LED with Goodwork.

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