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LIGHTING SEMINAR for Designers, Architects and Interior Designers

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Goodwork celebrated on March 29th the Lighting Seminar for architecture professionals at the Chamber of Commerce of the Technology Park in Valencia.

With this Seminar Goodwork did not aim to increase its number of customers, but to secure them by giving them the necessary tools to get and choose the right product for their proposals and are fully satisfied when they work with us.

That is one of the reasons why we have always been active in courses, lectures and lighting seminars customized to the needs of each company, where the knowledge of our technicians could be useful to our customers and their projects. Users mainly architects and interior designers, and the level of satisfaction very good.

As for the contents, they were divided into five presentations covering all the fields where Goodwork can act. We wanted to transmit basic knowledge of Lighting, solve doubts and open the door to new LED lighting technologies, in addition to establishing relationships with attendees (Networking).

Presentation 1, given by José Soler, Goodwork engineer and head of R&D, covered all the basic concepts of Lighting and showed how to interpret the data necessary to make a good choice of luminaires according to the needs of the projects (Colour temperature, CRI, Dialux studies, etc.).

In lecture 2, given by José Tobajas, an engineer at ELT, the new Control Systems offered by his company were discussed, as well as Intelligent Lighting Systems, a future that is already here.

Presentation 3, given by the architect Ana Mª Ricca, CEO of Goodwork, consisted of a review of the world of Optical Fiber, in whose origins is the beginning of the company Goodwork, and that despite the leadership of LED is still viable for certain projects.

During the lunch break, attendees were able to enjoy some practical demonstrations and the novelties that Goodwork will incorporate in its new catalogue.

In the second part of the Seminar, presentations 4 and 5 were given by Guillermo and Sebastián Rothfuss respectively. The first is oriented towards Architectural Lighting, with emphasis on the different Communication Protocols between luminaires, DMX, Splitter, Amplifiers and other components of large installations.

To conclude, there was talk of Street Lighting and Road Illumination, their difficulties and regulations to comply with, and the benefits of LED Lighting not only because of its energy savings but also because of its low environmental impact.

All the presentations were accompanied by projects carried out by Goodwork that served as examples to explain the contents.

For all the Goodwork team this Seminar has been a pleasant experience, we have learned and enjoyed with all attendees, and above all we want to continue improving for future projects.

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