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Intelligent lighting systems

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Smart Lighting is the term used to refer to an Intelligent Lighting System . A definition of what and for what these systems are used would be:
An Intelligent Lighting System describes the optimal use of lighting. Establishing a balance between the energy consumed, the amount of light generated and its rational use, avoiding the waste of energy when illuminating or over-lighting spaces, both inside (buildings) and outside (streets, parks, etc.)..The energy efficiency is fundamental when talking about Smart Lighting. Intelligent Lighting Systems are based on achieving high energy efficiency by optimizing the level of lighting with lower energy consumption.

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The SSL technology Solid State Lighting , has allowed the development of the Smart Lighting. The light-emitting diodes, LEDs, allow the use of sophisticated control and management systems which were unthinkable with traditional lighting. The luminaires developed and manufactured by Goodwork allow the use of Lighting Control Systems . They can be equipped with programmable drivers through wireless technology (WiFi, Bluetooth, RF, etc.) to which, in addition, sensors can be connected that allow them to interact in an autonomous way with the environment that surrounds them. The management of these luminaires is done by means of a luminaire management software, which is also supplied by Goodwork. It allows the person in charge of lighting to keep a detailed control of the state of the luminaires, their correct operation and consumption level, the switching on and off of the luminaires, among other functions.

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For example, an urban luminaire can be remotely programmed with an optimal lighting sequence based on the lighting study of the area where it is and at the same time have proximity sensors or ambient lighting level.

What is achieved with the use of lighting control system?

  • Avoid wasting light in public spaces at certain times
  • Get more security
  • Encourages energy and economic savings.

Goodwork, in addition to the complete luminaire, can supply luminaire upgrade kits , which allow the luminaire casing to be maintained and the system to be upgraded with a PCB, intelligent driver and sensors. In this way it is possible the modernization of any set of exterior lighting that is based on traditional lighting (Sodium, Halogenides, etc.), allowing its control and management remotely.

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All this, combined with an excellent lumens per watt consumed, makes our luminaires an excellent solution for architects and designers.

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