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Homogeneity: the base of good lighting

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Light affects how we perceive and how we move in a given space. It even affects the way we relate to others. Surely you have noticed that in environments where lighting is more comfortable, in places where you feel more comfortable and the weather is more relaxed; People move more freely, come closer to talk and interact with each other feeling at ease.  On the contrary, in those spaces where the lighting is more intense and bright, it bothers and tends to put more distance between us and the environment. We do not act the same way and we can feel disoriented.

Homogeneous light is essential to harmonize spaces, interior and exterior. We will be able to enjoy more proportions, textures, lines and shapes, without glare, or sudden and unwanted shadow cones.

Traditional lighting, in general, has little angle aperture and poor focusing ability. It projects unfocused circles and creates black areas in the center, so it is not precise lighting, nor easy to control. It is not recommended lighting for residential areas because, both pedestrians and drivers, lose quality of life. Conventional lamps focus approximately 30-50% of their light output at a single point, yet as this particular spot dazzles, the areas around it get dark to the observer. Goodwork LED lighting lamps have a high degree of homogeneity thanks to their wide opening angles and the high quality of their borosilicate glass lenses, which meet the highest standards and requirements of the market. LED lamps that bathe with a cozy lighting the area to be illuminated.

Homogeneous lighting not only helps increase the visual comfort of the users, but also makes them feel more secure and live their city more. It is demonstrated that those areas where illumination is not good, in the sense of insufficient light, many dark areas, low intensity, etc. The rate of vandalism, robbery and crime increases. With Goodwork LED lighting we have made public areas, such as parks or groves, which used to be more insecure areas for their neighbors at sunset, now are quiet areas that they want to enjoy any time of day.

And if we refer to lighting in work areas, we must put a lot of emphasis on the study of the creation of spaces that provide more comfortable the performance of tasks that require greater involvement and visual concentration. A correct index of homogeneity is essential for the good performance of our functions and also for our health and productivity. In addition, it should be designed to create an atmosphere appropriate to the different needs of each area and user. Inadequate lighting causes illness and discomfort such as: fatigue, dizziness and headaches, anxiety, uncomfortable positions of the body, lack of concentration and even accidents, in the worst case. Goodwork lamps have 120º beam angles so they produce a completely reliable illumination, with the highest priority being the improvement of working conditions and performance, reducing the risk of accidents.

As expert LED lighting manufacturers, we will always offer you the most efficient ergonomic optical solutions. Do not hesitate any more and go to the LED with Goodwork.

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